Monday, July 13, 2009

Wish Lists

So, in July, I try to start a running wish list for those so inclined as to purchase for me because I am a hard person to buy for, or so I've been told. Probably because I refuse to fill out those personality things that ask for stuff I'm interested in. Silly people!

So, I've decided to try to list my interests when possible. There, Mom, there!

In times past, I have answered the question "So, what do you want?" with smartass items so big they probably will never be a gift. Such as:
  • Be a voice in a full length animated Disney feature.
  • Meet [insert celebrity here]. Currently, Alton Brown tops this list with Peyton Manning being a close second.
  • Travel to Greece, Egypt, back to Ireland, etc.
  • Ability to give Jason his all time favorite wish list item - a ride in an F-16. You should have seen his face listening to Bill Engvall's and then my dad's experiences. Like a kid in a candy shop!
Those are just a few of the big item stuff on my list.

I suppose simple ideas are what these persons are asking for, so I probably should offer up something.
  • Anything found on Alton Brown's site.
  • A good deal of items found in Food Network kitchens.
  • Any movie on my list of recently seen, furnished upon request.
  • Anything with an elephant on it. (Probably should keep it to reasonable sizes.)
  • Headphones that are comfortably flat.
I most likely will be adding things to this list in future. Late nights that evolve into days without sleep equals a very distracted brain. So, nothing new with me really.

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