Friday, July 17, 2009

My Sister's Day Was Worse Than My Day...

You know the situation. Phone rings at 3 am, and you think, "Am I ready to hear this news?" You know, cause it's always bad.

Well, my phone rang at 3 am, but there wasn't anybody there. Nor was the number available to be dialed back (*69). So, I blew it off as a wrong number.

This morning, my sister's father-in-law shows up with the delayed bad news.

My sister and her husband, while traveling back from their anniversary trip, had a run in with a moose. They're in the hospital, in serious but stable condition. Him with a fracture of the C-1 vertebrae, her with severe lacerations to her face and hands.

So, I spent the day calling family, and distracting her son from bad news. (I did tell him, but played video games with him when not calling.) My day was much better than waking up in another state, far away from friends and family, with pain and strangers telling you you'll need a bit of plastic surgery to repair your face, not totally sure your husband is OK.

We'll find out a better estimate of her hospital stay tomorrow, they hope. *sigh*

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