Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Updated!

For the record, Bug is only sleeping because she tired herself out being happy with the costume, not to mention the attention she received from neighborhood kiddies:

How the pumpkins looked before the carving:

Jay as Master Chief (Halo):

Jason as Big Sombrero Guy:

My pumpkin had too much candy (carved by Jason):

Jay carved his own pumpkin this year!

Jason's pumpkin had "Go Away" carved onto the back, but it wasn't small enough to project correctly. Lesson learned for next year!

We still have too much candy. No idea how to get rid of it all without children or husband annoying me with belly aches!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Happy Halloween Comments

If the weather clears up, we're all going for a haunted hayride on Friday! If not, we'll be going after "trick or treat" is done.

The pumpkin pics are on their way, I just have to get the after ones. I promise!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dream 10/22/09

Energy vampires were chasing me. They looked somewhat like the Wraith from Stargate: Atlantis. They cocooned their victims and drained their energy over days eventually leaving them as withered shells. I eventually had them follow me into an android factory in Japan and had them "feed" on an army of these:

Which had the effect of electrocuting the vampires. Unlike all the horror movies, I didn't check to make sure they were dead, I just ran! I don't care if they are still alive, I am and would like to remain that way. The monster always grabs the checker and kills them! (As my dad always says, "That's in the script. They need another twenty minutes of the hero being chased to fit a normal movie length.") Self preservation is a great motivator!

I'm sure my thyroid issues were to blame for this dream's plot. For the vampires, I blame my crush on Joe Flanagan!

Monday, October 19, 2009

What I Did On My Weekend

A local garden center had their annual Fall Fling! (Note: clicking on the following images brings up rather large images. You have been warned.)

Fall Flowers!
Pumpkin Patch!

Corn Maze!
Fall trees!
A hidden pumpkin!
Hay Bales!
A genuine good time had by all! I promise to post the pics of the pumpkins we picked later.

Take That Element Guy!

I was walking my dog this morning, when a man driving an Element stops me to inform me that my beagle could be his beagle's twin and that I was fighting an impossible fight I would never win by even thinking I could ever attempt to train her. My Bug's reaction to that was to sit calmly. She then walked by my side (not pulling on the leash) home and then wait patiently until I got her treat. Truly, an insurmountably untrainable dog! *eyes rolling*

She may give us problems now and again, such as pooping on the carpet because we dared leave her alone to go check the mail, or gnawing her way out of her crate rendering it unusable, but overall, she is the best dog ever! She doesn't chew on our stuff, unless we're stupid enough to buy things that look like small woodland creatures or things she doesn't want to be put in. She doesn't go in the house (except for the occasional mail incident). She cuddles with me when I'm sad or hurting. She calmly puts her toy beaver (version 2.1) in your lap when she wants your attention. And, other than the chocolate-colored sheet, and that one cheesecake (which clearly was irresistible), she hasn't gotten into serious trouble. She is my Bug.