Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday Is A Bad Day To Return From Vacation

OK, I've decided not to catch up with the news cycle. It would totally harsh my mellow just getting back and all. Also, I apparently got a sunburn so bad, it fried my desktop! Now that's a burn! And, for those who know me, would know I never do anything so normal as simply burning. I burned under my shirt! That's right, normal people would put the sunblock on the exposed skin, but that would be, well, normal! The only way I possibly could not burn, (I am a very pale anemic person who tends to burn upon even thinking about going outside, much to the detriment of my "fresh air and sunshine" pimp of a father), is to wear a long-sleeve t-shirt. But somehow, the light reflections and other fractal occurrences worked to cook me in places I foolishly thought safe from flame-broiling. Creepier still, there is a slight face imprint on my chest. Like somebody put sunblock strategically on me while I slept, 'cept I didn't sleep. The other odd thing about my computer frying thing (yes, I know, I have a virtual labyrinth of a thought train station), is when the Geek Squad guy checked it out, there is somehow an extra hard drive in there. Where this came from, I have no idea. Jason didn't install it, or see it when he put in the graphics and network cards, or during the scheduled cleanings. Maybe I really am on the DHS watchlist, and the FBI snuck in and planted it for purposes of surveillance or info-sharing. (Cue Twilight Zone Theme!) (It occurs to me to tell you it was the only thing of 5 on the surge protector to fry.)

Alright, so, I spent the last week in North Carolina. (I could have informed you I was on vacation before I left, but then I'd have been riddled with paranoid thoughts about the wrong people knowing my house was empty. As is: a freaking second hard drive from nowhere! and my PC frying.) My parents moved there a few years ago, and we have spent as much time there as humanly possible. The Outer Banks are roughly an hour from them, so we answered the beckoning call of the ocean waves and wind!

Two boys in the car for the trip equals "He's edging me out of the car, OMG, I'm gonna die when the door comes open and I fall out because he's taking up too much space!!" among other even more dramatic yells from the back seat. The 13-year-old and 11-year-old nephew made the trip interesting, to say the least. I feel for parents of multiple children who deal with this all the time. Jason's parents had 3 boys and they didn't go on family vacations more than to visit other family, usually no more than 6 hours away, and this is why. My parents had a considerable larger amount of children and we went much farther places. My parents were saints!!!

Best unintentional semi-trailer door replacement: Baby Ruth truck:
"If you taste the peanut creamy, you're tired of appetite."

Best quote from Jason:
"You ruined the lane of least resistance, because I now have to resist you."

Pictures will be linked later. As soon as I work it all out. (Translation: remove all photographic evidence of my existence.)

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