Saturday, July 11, 2009

Randoms - July 11 edition

Misheard of the day: "Open the Carpal Tunnels!" (Apparently, it wasn't anything near that in an episode of Johnny Test about Mole people.

Watched Eagle Eye (finally) then went to Cold Stone for a Banana Caramel Crunch (with strawberries) and in walks this middle-aged gentleman (roughly 45-ish) with about six or seven teen girls and quite loudly proclaims: "I love the Jonas Brothers, how 'bout you?" and only one of the girls was horrified by it. Speculations abound. (For the record, I really enjoyed the movie AND the ice cream.)

I've only been remembering snippets from my dreams lately: Last night, the plane I was on crashed and the life raft looked like a giant inflatable Schwan's truck. (Ice cream seems to be a theme.) The night before that: I just remember the voice over (a la Wonder Years) as I woke up, "And there I was, jewelry shopping at a flea market with my husband's ex-mistress."

Those dreams just drive me batty with the not knowing what the heck I'm remembering and all. The ones that scare me are the ones I do remember filled with seperation anxiety fears of my subconscious! That's scary psyche right there! I mean, at least my subconscious could give me eye candy to look at while freaking me out, right?

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