Friday, July 17, 2009

While I Was Googling The Other Day...

This is where I start a new tradition: posting the random search engine stuff that pops up when I do a legit search for something totally unrelated.

Really Bad Parenting Advice! The bully post had me in stitches!

Update: It occurs to me that my parents were so far ahead of this curve! They are gold medal winners in the Parent Olympics. They made me drink water out of a "thing what my dad called a hose (pretty sure lead content was higher than a toy made in China)," let me rollerskate (sad that word isn't in the spell check dictionary) and/or ride a bike without a helmet, get fresh air and sunshine without wearing sunscreen of any kind, scrapes and bruises did not ever warrant a trip to a medical facility (save broken bones, but I didn't break anything until after I was married) and I turned out OK anyway.*


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