Thursday, July 9, 2009

Power Outage And Grizzlies

We lost power last night at about midnight. As annoying as not being able to continue watching the GHI marathon on SyFy (and oh how I HATE that renaming) was, the freaking out pre-teen boys were more so! Not that I had planned to lose power, or I probably wouldn't have chosen programming that had the possibility to scare their socks off and require usage of a night light, which was impossible with no power, you see.

Worse yet, no power meant no fan for white noise. This was bad. You see, Jason's medication (or possibly the RA itself) causes him to channel a chainsaw (or a grizzly bear, or a grizzly holding a running chainsaw) through his nose. Whatever you want to call it, it is loud! If I wasn't already an insomniac, I most likely would be now. The snoring puts me in the precarious position of trying to deal with the cacophony (yes it is the proper word, you haven't heard it so don't judge) so as to allow him much needed sleep, saw my ears off as to allow my much needed sleep, or smothering him with his own pillow (most likely ending me in prison with other persons who snore worse). Dilemmas.


  1. SYFY?!?

    Whose stupid idea was that?

  2. No clue, but every living person I know has expressed dislike for it, so it is obviously a hateful sadistic person who hates all of us.


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