Monday, July 13, 2009

Name Changes and the Late Night

Considering changing the name here to Apple's Orchard, not that my readership is big enough to matter, but the new name would be shorter to link to, and I'm all about laziness rights.

I'm also loving the late night thing. Keeps me distracted while Jason falls deep enough asleep to lay off the snoring a bit so I can fall asleep.

Today, I woke up not well. The vacation had caught up with me and my stomach was letting me know. Too much walking in sand and a happy dog jumping on me at our return led to cramps much like runner's pains and slight bruising in areas that will surely give my surgeon an ulcer the size of Kansas.

So, what do I decide to eat when I'm sick? Why, tuna salad on potato bread. Not the best of choices. And what was dinner later? Why, cheesy jerk chicken enchiladas! Probably a worse choice! I think I may need to buy stock in Tums to help pay for this! At least the 13 and 11-yr-olds liked the meals, even if I'll be dying inside for a few days. Shoulda gone with the pizza, as per the old family cure!

Also probably not a good choice, but oh so irresistible, was Food Network! I am such a fan! However, the choice to send Michael home instead of Debbie on The Next Food Network Star was irritating beyond belief! She freakin' didn't do her job! And then tried to play martyr! If she ends up winning, I will refuse to watch whatever show she's on.

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