Friday, July 31, 2009


The 13-yr-old and I were walking the shores of Lake Michigan after a phenomenal storm and picking up seashells (like those to the right). Only, I knew it was a strange occurrence because those are seashells. I'm pretty sure they call them that for a reason, and I don't ever recall picking up that large of shell in the Lake. (The dream shells were ocean size, I'm aware of the smaller mussel shells available from the Lake.)

I get a call on the cell from Jason telling me to meet him at some old guy's beach house. He's apparently worried about this guy who apparently lives down the pier from his family's 100-year-old hotel that is falling into the Lake due to the previously mentioned storm. The guy looks like an older Kelsey Grammer dressed like Newman (from Seinfeld) and he's refusing to come out of the hotel because his father is going to take him on a ride. I knew from my own sound dream logic (you know when you just know things) that his father was long dead.

That's where I woke up. Not getting to find out if we could coax crazy guy out from his doom.

It was one of those dreams that makes kind of no sense to anything happening in your real life, but leaves you with the feeling of importance that should you not heed the warning, bad things will happen. Great. Just what I need.


  1. Somehow, even though I read the title of the entry, I didn't fully process it. I didn't realize you were describing a dream until you said, "my own sound dream logic," and then I felt silly. :) I was all jealous of you walking the shores of Lake Michigan.

    Heeeeeed the waarrrrning!!!!

  2. My sound dream logic actually is usually more sound than my awake logic


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