Monday, June 29, 2009

Remembering Ianna

I was only able to hold her for a much too short eleven days, but she accomplished so much for someone so little.

My grandmother-in-law wasn't too fond of me. She would snipe at me at every opportunity. I wasn't a good enough housekeeper, I went to the wrong church, I dressed inappropriately. After Ianna, our relationship improved to the point where she asked for me when her husband of almost 50 years passed.

My father-in-law had been backsliding. After Ianna, he re-evaluated some things and started going back to church.

In fact, everyone involved re-evaluated what was important in life. My family (which is a large one), Jason's family, hospital staff. One of the nurses told me she was inspired to further her medical degree and work in research.

While I am still not completely over the tragedy, and I'll probably never be totally, the life lessons learned from my young daughter's eleven short days will be with me forever.

The stone marking where she rests simply reads: A mother holds her children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.

Happy Birthday, Ianna. I love you.

Friday, June 26, 2009


I'm sure you've all seen an old couple out in public just bickering with each other, but not unhappy with each other. You can see they really love each other, and they would each be lost without the other.

There's numerous examples of that kind of couples' chemistry that, if I linked, my whole entire post would be links. My current fave is this blogger. Be sure to mouse over her pic.

Jason and I have this type of relationship. My mother is convinced we will survive anything save death (and possibly survive that by coming back to haunt the other) because we're a well-aerated relationship. (a la not a stagnated pond)

I read a story once from a widower about how his late wife had always placed these little ceramic kitties in all the windows of their house. He said he always would remove them to a less noticeable location because they irritated him. She would follow behind him and put them right back in the windows. They did this dance for near 50 years. Where are the kitties now that she's passed? On the window sills. I love that story!

My father is fond of saying that there is nobody more frustrating than my mother that he would care to spend his life with.

I'm not advocating we should devolve into a society of arguing. There is a difference when one truly hates, and some people just shouldn't be together.

I love Jason truly, and I am sure he loves me at least half that much. (I kid!) The bickering wouldn't be fun at all if we didn't know this to be true. Sometimes he does something so mind-blowingly irritating that I can't see straight. But in the end, I know that no real malicious intent was there. (You can't spell maleficent without male, you know.)

All this was a prelude to this simple but much disputed fact: Our bedding is NOT GREEN!

You see, Jason is colorblind. I once had a yellow shirt that had greenish-gray stripes that he insisted was green. There was no convincing him that the shirt was yellow. To support his disillusion of shirt color, he referred to his mother, who is also colorblind!

The sheet in question came in a package labeled "chocolate." It's brown. Yes, it has faded over time, but when I placed the sheets on the bed, he asked why I chose green for the color. This sparked an immediate response of "They're chocolate brown." "No, that's clearly green." "Here, look at the package!" "Somebody needs to lose their job at the factory!" "Somebody needs to get a cornea implant so they can distinguish colors from each other better!" You get the drift.

Friends and family have been drawn into this fight. Roughly 85% of all polled agree with me, and the 15% that side more with him all say that the fading truly gives the green hue to the sheets (or are colorblind as well), which isn't the question! We're not debating that they faded! They started brown! Like a Hershey's™ candy bar!

I bring up this debate for the reason that our dog has taken to such a liking of this bedding set that she has placed it in tatters. Literally. Now, I will most likely be making some sort of tug-o-war pull toy for Bug using the sheet. And, Jason and I will most likely continue the color debate until long after we are dead.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dude, Check This Out

Now go here for an explanation on why this is really neat-o! (Excuse me while I go unchannel my dad now.)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Perceived Weenies [Updated][Updated Again]

[Update II: Hearing reports that the BBQ is now off. Can't find a credible news source, yet. Tommy Christopher kinda gets why this is horrifying. Quote:

You’re having intense discussions about whom to invite to your barbecue? God, I hope that’s not true.
Color me "Deeply Concerned."]

[Update: President now "considering" not inviting. Sigh. What's with the nuance with this administration, already?! It's like they have their own outrage-0-meter: Sort-of-kinda-upset<-->Very troubled<-->Deeply Concerned<-->Considering No Party Invite. Sheesh!]

I'm sorry, but to still consider inviting Iranian entourage to anything celebrating our independance and freedom, is just asking for bipartisan non-support. It's naive at best. I won't be rude and say what's at worst. Another episode of brutality emerged today. When is the right time to step back and say, "We do not support the actions of the Iranian regime." How much more do they have to do? Are we talking Neville Chamberlain (famous for appeasement foreign policy) here?

Obama is more concerned about perceptions than what is in reality right. Is it right for a parent to never discipline (not abuse) a child simply because they may be perceived as an abuser? I'm telling you right now, that it doesn't matter if some parents don't abuse their child, the child may still claim it to be so. There are other facts to be considered in any situation.

To a point, perceptions matter. David Letterman making a joke about a young girl went over horridly, for example. He didn't mean to imply what he did, but he should have considered how it would come across.

That's just it. You need to strike a balance between what other think and courage of conviction.

It's not meddling in foreign affairs to tell the Iranian regime what they are doing is wrong and that actions have consequences. Actions of previous administrations (Carter, mostly, and Clinton) gave the perception of a paper tiger, and we were attacked on numerous times. Until Bush said enough was enough and called a spade a spade.

Disinvite the Iranians, Mr President. It's OK to admit when Bush was right. You will most likely still give people the perception that he was wrong more often than he was right. You can do it!

"But the torch of liberty is hot. It warms those who hold it high. It burns those who try to extinguish it."


"It's two true stories?? They melded 'em together? That's like too intense for our brains!"

A blond young lady sitting behind my sister and I in the theater watching previews before "The Proposal."

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I've been asked several times recently, as happens this time of year, to reflect back to one of my memories of my dad. It's been hard to just pick one, because, unlike some of my siblings would lead you to believe, my childhood was a blessed one.

Were my parents perfect? No, that would be a mythical thing, the perfect parent. Mistakes were made, people got mad and upset, I even made my father cry a few times. The fact that he was man enough to show us he cared enough to be hurt by us was a very powerful thing.

I've learned many life lessons from my father. I thank him for each and every one. I would not be the person I am today, and I would not have survived some very terrible events in my life without that man and the things he taught me.

The two memories from childhood that most stick out to me are:
  • Sitting on my dad's lap in Papaw's pickup while he drove us to the hardware store, and the "discussion" they had about buying candy.
  • The much needed shoes he could have bought for himself but instead went a little longer without so I could get glasses. As much as I resented the glasses, the sacrifice did not go unnoticed.
I love you, Dad! I wish we lived closer so I could say this in person and hug you! For all the mistakes you think you made, I turned out OK. At least, that's what they keep telling me. XO

Things You Don't Expect To Hear From Your Spouse

Or anyone else, for that matter.

"I'm half-crazed by the meds, being tired, and Kenny Rogers."

Yeah, that sums up my day.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


News is still bleak. Protesters have been fired upon by bullets, teargas, and allegedly a burning agent.

To the Iranians, I offer up words from Ronald Reagan mid-December 1981:

Our sympathies are with the people, not the government.”

"But the torch of liberty is hot. It warms those who hold it high. It burns those who try to extinguish it."

Oh what we'd give for leaders who stand up for liberty and freedom!!


Iranian TV is mistranslating Obama to make him sound as if he supports the people. Also, a horrifying video (CONTENT WARNING!!) of a young girl getting shot. Heartbreaking.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Women's Troubles and the Men Who Have Them

No, this post isn't going to be about men dealing with out-of-control-and-oh-so-unreasonable women in their lives. Sorry. Although, when one talks of women going through "The Change" one is prone to talk about those types of occurrences, isn't one?

I stumbled across this article (H/T about this man who has been dealing with the symptoms of menopause due to his treatments for prostate cancer. The tip of the iceberg:
I was in the middle of treatment for an aggressive case of prostate cancer last winter, and it included a six-month course of hormone therapy. My Lupron shots suppressed testosterone, which is the fuel for prostate cancer.
Read it all, cause that quote really only begins to tell the fun sordid story of a man suffering what women only wish the other gender could know what is like. (Yeah, I'm sure that sentence structure made a few of you cringe. :^P )

What struck me about Mr. Jennings situation was the similarities to my husband's reaction to his RA medications. He's not experiencing all the same things, but he does have the night sweats and hot flashes (to a degree). Now if he could only experience the mood swing roller-coaster, he'd get a fuller view of what we have to go through. Although, I'd probably experience a bit of "be careful what you wish for" regret at his manic behavior.

To top off my women's troubles theme here, I received an email from a friend who has allowed me to share her horrifying experience only on the basis I keep her anonymity. I couldn't not share this priceless story after I read it, so promise made. Here is the email:
I am only sharing this with you, because I know you won't let anyone know it was me. I'll just end up as one of those emails you get from people about some person somewhere having a, let's say unique experience.

Last month, during "the monthly visit," I decided to wear the oldest pair of panties I owned. I figured, if I was gonna have a leak, I wouldn't care too much. Right? Well, I also happened to purchase a rogue package of Always™ sanitaries in which they used what was the equivalent to superglue for the bonding material.

I was in {Redacted} and had that call of nature every woman fears and detests when in public during that time. (Yes, I know, I don't like going in public anyway, and I don't, when I can help it. Not some weird phobia, mind you, just a need to be in control somewhat of the germs surrounding my delicates, you see.) Everything was going normal. No line, so I got right in a stall. That's when my master plan of old panties went sour. Damn you, Always™ employee who replaced the regular stuff with superglue! Damn you to Heck!! When I went to pull the old pad off, the crotch of the panties came with. Literally disintegrating my underwear! I sat there for a full (what I'm sure wasn't quite as long as it felt) minute in total disbelief and quite sure I was having one of those hallucinations you, Apple, normally get when you are stupid and try to handle all of life's ills without telling people so that friends and family want to maim you if they weren't so frakkin' worried about you. There I was, during that time of month, unable to wear tampons, not that I had one in any case, with no undergarment to secure the replacement pad to. I had a panic attack, and one so bad that the lady in the next stall tried to calm me down. After reassuring her I was, at least, medically ok, I considered my options. I could send someone for {Redacted SO} and hope he could at some point find a lull in female bathroom traffic in order to help me out. I could ask some kind helpful soul to lend me a spare pair of panties. No, that would be silly! I chose what I felt was the least likely to let anyone else know the horror I found myself experiencing. I literally covered the crotch of my jeans in all the extra sanitaries I had in my purse. It was an Always™ diaper! And, because I was horrifyingly embarassed at what I had to do, I pulled up my pants, washed my hands, and exited to find {Redacted} and leave the store as fast as humanly possible so I could get home and shower and wash this bad bad day away from me!

My sister, {Redacted}, pointed out the sanity afterwards. I could have simply bought a new outfit and changed in the bathroom. Too bad, at the moment I needed it most, sanity was out to lunch. Sigh! Moral of the story: do not wear underwear past its expiration date.

Iran and Twitter

This doesn't seem to be dying down at all. Pictures are getting gruesome. The Iranian authorities have clamped down on foreign press. Lecturers are resigning from the University(ies?).

Some of the Twitter feeds have been compromised. But, still, in all this chaos, word comes out about the atrocities.

To all the press, please stop using user names of those giving you your information. You're getting people killed over there! Consequences!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Iran and Election Fraud

If you aren't following the Iranian thing, you should be. Twitter has been a good asset for the opposition.

It seems that Iranian officials did indeed offer up a sham of an election. If they didn't, arresting the opposition didn't make their side look all that much brighter. Attempting to quell the information about the whole ordeal by cutting electricity to major cities doesn't bode well either.

For what it's worth, I think Ahmadinejad has lost his mind in all this. Hard to tell when that happened, though. His answers to "the tough questions" always seemed vague and non-answers to me. "Can you ensure the safety of your challenger?" "I love all the Iranian peoples and if they disobey the law when coming out of a sporting event at a stadium, they will be arrested, but I love them all even though I have to arrest them." (Now, I know I paraphrased the Amanpour interview, but the hopeychangy answer is just too "wtf?" to fully portray it.)

If you don't want to sign up for teh Twitter, you can go here and just keep refreshing the page. You can also follow: Change_for_Iran, StopAhmadi, iran09, TehranBureau, alirezasha, and jimsciuttoABC.

Some of the best pictures coming out of the protests, so far, here. #17 and #19 are wrong!

Update: Moe Lane reminds me who sang the song running in my head for the last 2 days:

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I really need a recorder. (The digital voice one, not the child's musical "instrument."*)

Apparently, life has taken the cue of me having a blog as needing something interesting about which to blog. For someone with a busy brain, thoughts get lost in a labyrinth of ideas wrapped in strange occurrences. Those that know me, know about those oddities all too well. Jason could kill me off in the most horrifying way and simply say, "Apple just fell down the back stairs right smack onto that steamroller. It was a million in one shot!" and my family and friends would go, "Yeah, that sounds just like something that would happen to our Apple." No charges would be filed, no investigation made, no questions asked. He could totally pull it off. Do you know how frightening that is to a person prone to anxiety attacks?? Why am I not paranoid?? Okay, MORE paranoid, but still! Good thing he's not that type of psychopath, but that is WHY he'd get away with it!!

Alright, I'll stop.

Recap: Jason could kill me, but probably won't and I need a digital voice recorder to record my "please God tell me this is at least somewhat normal" odd life.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


"So, you're saying that when you take them for the test, they pass because they have "your crazy" in their heads."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dreams 6/4/09

It was a 1940s crime thriller about a man who was being framed for something he didn't do. (a la The Fugitive but the crime wasn't murder.) Jason and I had stumbled upon evidence of his innocence and were trying to locate him to help him. Somehow, I saw something in the logo of the company that was accusing him (industrial espionage, maybe?) that told me where I could find him. It was a combo of the Pepsi-Cola, Chili's, and Gander Mountain logos that led us to a tunnel underneath this company built on a mountain. Brilliant! He hid underneath the business out to destroy him! They'd never look there! Jason looked like a very dashing Errol Flynn. The man (I don't remember his name) looked like William Holden. And I, I looked like pictures of my grandma. Shocking. (What? You expected a real picture of me?? Sucker!) When we found the man, he had been mildly injured by a bullet and I can remember but one line from the whole dream. Jason said, "One word: hospital." We then pulled him into our 1940 Buick convertible and drove off into the sunset!

I am of the belief that hats should come back into fashion. Well, more than they have been. I am very fond of a man in a hat. (If Jason would only start wearing the hats I choose for him!) Women too, for that matter. If I wouldn't have embarassed the bejeezus out of my sister on Easter, I would have bought this hat that went with my outfit quite well. All red and black straw. Quite fetching. Quite. (Quite is apparently the word of the day. Deal with it!)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Life In Ruins

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Not sure how the critics are viewing this, but I loved it.

Normally, the way they portrayed the one American couple would have annoyed me, but they did show other more sane Americans. I can overlook it.

The story wasn't anything new, but the way they told it was endearing.

It once again starred (and was written by) Nia Vardalos. (My Big Fat Greek Wedding was the first.)

We find Vardalos' character, Georgia, stuck in Greece, looking for her kefi (Greek mojo), and a tour guide job where they only give her the bad groups, until this one. She thinks it will be the typical group, but it turns out to be the best one evah! Richard Dreyfuss' character made me tear up a lot. (OK, so I admit I have female tendencies and am not the tomboy I used to be! Stupid hormones of bitter betrayal!!) Also, Alexis Georgoulis' character I can only say, "Wow!" although he has an unfortunate name.

And, once again, I saw a movie before it left theaters! :^D Next up, Up!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekends and Headaches

I had a pretty fun weekend. I was gonna tell you all about it, too. However, this migraine sort of made it not happen today. Perhaps tomorrow.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Be Careful, They're Watching!

As a female wanting to break into the online journoblogger world, how am I supposed to take the recent Playboy article? I can do this, but because I fall to the right of center, I better be expecting this kind of stuff? Or better question, how am I supposed to take the mostly silence to the Climate of Hate that was displayed? (To be fair, the silence mostly came from the left side of the blogosphere.)

From the left, there came but one voice that defended women but more precisely those hit by the Playboy article. Tommy Christopher. There were other voices from the left, but they mostly prevaricated the "They were clearly asking for it." defense that I thought went out of style in the 90s. Feminists were quick to denounce those who would dare to defend any rapists with that tripe. But now, here we have those that denounced it using that same excuse! Bonnie Erbe's response to the clear denouncing she correctly received for attempting to use this line,
"I also want to note that at least one woman on the list is so venom-spewing, she unfortunately invites venom to be shot back at her: Michelle Malkin. Her posts and her "routine" are so venomous and predictable, in fact, I stopped paying attention to her years ago."
was "Does that need any more explanation than a plain reading of the language offers?" Nobody distorted what you said, Ms Erbe. We used the exact quote in context.

Today, Tommy Christopher was fired from Politics Daily gig for (what we can only assume) his response to the Playboy hit piece. So, I can write my opinion pieces, but if I dare disagree with anyone, they have the right to put out hate pieces on me, and if anyone dare defend me, they will suffer the consequences. Good to know.

Playboy removed the article not because of the hate, but because the message was misunderstood. We didn't get the joke, you see. If the politics in this whole mess were reversed, I would wager a good deal that the women hit wouldn't see that joke either.

Update (as I wrote this) h/t Amanda Carpenter:

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Sometimes this tag will be used for overheard comments, and sometimes for comments made by me or to me in a conversation, well, involving me. (I didn't mean that quite as narcissistic as it came out!)

You've taken all this week and turned it into one big Blendy Pen!! Jason Re: hectic life

Kid's Clean is NOT Clean!

Jay broke my 2-cup Pyrex glass measuring cup. Then, thinking he could get it all cleaned up without anyone noticing it (much the way kids are prone to do), he totally missed a bunch of tiny fragments and one large piece (it went under the stove). I discovered this, because as I was searching for that measuring cup, I cut the bejeezus out of my foot with the tiny fragmented shards. The shards loved my skin so much, they made themselves a nice little bloody home in my shredded sole. You see, when a kid says, "I cleaned that" they are really declaring the need for someone a bit (read: far) more meticulous to actually clean it.

I instructed him, amidst my complete mess of a foot, how to properly get more glass fragments off the floor as to prevent another person, or me again, into this bloody mess I now was. He says he swept the floor with the Swiffer™ (to get all the miniscule bits better, or at least shove them into the corner) then used the vacuum to get the rug, corners, and edges.

Clearly, when he said, "Yes, I did exactly as you stated," he was again declaring, "I didn't do any of what you said, except the Swiffer™ thing and the vacuum was turned on so you wouldn't suspect me not doing any of what you said, again except the Swiffer™ thing." I know this, because when I went into the kitchen to prepare my infamous potato-hashbrown-salad for my lunch, I once again, shredded my foot. We all knew that if any small miniscule barely visible by the naked eye fragment was left anywhere, my foot would be the victim and not just in any normal way. (Really, who has known anything to happen to me in a normal way?) It embedded itself into my middle toe! Not at the tip of the toe, mind you! In that little known toe-pit, where bandages are not wont to go! I had to sit with a napkin scrunched into the crook for something like two hours! I didn't know I had that much blood in me! I even elevated my foot to alleviate the flow!

It's all cleaned up now. By me. Hopefully. Will find out when I venture into the danger zone again to make dinner!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This lady needs to have her dry-cleaning tab picked up by somebody!! Stat!!

Still in her wedding gown and high heels, Fogarty-Clemons jumped out of the car.

"I stepped right into a pile of mud," Fogarty-Clemons said. "I just thought to myself, 'Oh my God, my shoes.'"

Those Crazy Chilis

Chileans? Chilitas?

Samsonite needs to get in on this new idea!

Suitcases! Made! of Cocaine!!

Would they handle ok in storage? Would they dissolve if the plane went down and they were water-logged? Inquiring minds want to know!

Monday, June 1, 2009


It's become a necessary part of my life. I have to wear glasses full time, or suffer the inevitable migraines.

I now look even more like my father. Which isn't a bad thing so much, except I look like a guy. However, the flip side of this is he looks like his mom.

I thought I could get away with just when I was on the computer or reading a book or watching tv. Hmmm, now that I think about that, that is my day. Guess I should have just worn them when I got them. Sigh!

Livid (now with update)

To all those who claim Playboy is soft porn and thus no big deal: Shut Up! (NSFW!)

Even if they chose women on the left side of the blogosphere, this would be wrong! Blatantly wrong! What they are suggesting is just this side of rape!

I suggest a strongly worded email to the Lou Mohn,, Playboy’s publisher.

Where are the NOW in all this? Oh, that's right, they don't care if it's the right side of politics getting denigrated. Nevermind, nothing to see here, move along.

Update: Looks like Playboy has pulled the article! The author has similar hit pieces on the women he mentioned in that tripe on the sidebar, so he clearly has issues! I thought PB had policies about crud like that?