Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Life In Ruins

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Not sure how the critics are viewing this, but I loved it.

Normally, the way they portrayed the one American couple would have annoyed me, but they did show other more sane Americans. I can overlook it.

The story wasn't anything new, but the way they told it was endearing.

It once again starred (and was written by) Nia Vardalos. (My Big Fat Greek Wedding was the first.)

We find Vardalos' character, Georgia, stuck in Greece, looking for her kefi (Greek mojo), and a tour guide job where they only give her the bad groups, until this one. She thinks it will be the typical group, but it turns out to be the best one evah! Richard Dreyfuss' character made me tear up a lot. (OK, so I admit I have female tendencies and am not the tomboy I used to be! Stupid hormones of bitter betrayal!!) Also, Alexis Georgoulis' character I can only say, "Wow!" although he has an unfortunate name.

And, once again, I saw a movie before it left theaters! :^D Next up, Up!

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