Sunday, June 14, 2009


I really need a recorder. (The digital voice one, not the child's musical "instrument."*)

Apparently, life has taken the cue of me having a blog as needing something interesting about which to blog. For someone with a busy brain, thoughts get lost in a labyrinth of ideas wrapped in strange occurrences. Those that know me, know about those oddities all too well. Jason could kill me off in the most horrifying way and simply say, "Apple just fell down the back stairs right smack onto that steamroller. It was a million in one shot!" and my family and friends would go, "Yeah, that sounds just like something that would happen to our Apple." No charges would be filed, no investigation made, no questions asked. He could totally pull it off. Do you know how frightening that is to a person prone to anxiety attacks?? Why am I not paranoid?? Okay, MORE paranoid, but still! Good thing he's not that type of psychopath, but that is WHY he'd get away with it!!

Alright, I'll stop.

Recap: Jason could kill me, but probably won't and I need a digital voice recorder to record my "please God tell me this is at least somewhat normal" odd life.

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