Friday, June 26, 2009


I'm sure you've all seen an old couple out in public just bickering with each other, but not unhappy with each other. You can see they really love each other, and they would each be lost without the other.

There's numerous examples of that kind of couples' chemistry that, if I linked, my whole entire post would be links. My current fave is this blogger. Be sure to mouse over her pic.

Jason and I have this type of relationship. My mother is convinced we will survive anything save death (and possibly survive that by coming back to haunt the other) because we're a well-aerated relationship. (a la not a stagnated pond)

I read a story once from a widower about how his late wife had always placed these little ceramic kitties in all the windows of their house. He said he always would remove them to a less noticeable location because they irritated him. She would follow behind him and put them right back in the windows. They did this dance for near 50 years. Where are the kitties now that she's passed? On the window sills. I love that story!

My father is fond of saying that there is nobody more frustrating than my mother that he would care to spend his life with.

I'm not advocating we should devolve into a society of arguing. There is a difference when one truly hates, and some people just shouldn't be together.

I love Jason truly, and I am sure he loves me at least half that much. (I kid!) The bickering wouldn't be fun at all if we didn't know this to be true. Sometimes he does something so mind-blowingly irritating that I can't see straight. But in the end, I know that no real malicious intent was there. (You can't spell maleficent without male, you know.)

All this was a prelude to this simple but much disputed fact: Our bedding is NOT GREEN!

You see, Jason is colorblind. I once had a yellow shirt that had greenish-gray stripes that he insisted was green. There was no convincing him that the shirt was yellow. To support his disillusion of shirt color, he referred to his mother, who is also colorblind!

The sheet in question came in a package labeled "chocolate." It's brown. Yes, it has faded over time, but when I placed the sheets on the bed, he asked why I chose green for the color. This sparked an immediate response of "They're chocolate brown." "No, that's clearly green." "Here, look at the package!" "Somebody needs to lose their job at the factory!" "Somebody needs to get a cornea implant so they can distinguish colors from each other better!" You get the drift.

Friends and family have been drawn into this fight. Roughly 85% of all polled agree with me, and the 15% that side more with him all say that the fading truly gives the green hue to the sheets (or are colorblind as well), which isn't the question! We're not debating that they faded! They started brown! Like a Hershey's™ candy bar!

I bring up this debate for the reason that our dog has taken to such a liking of this bedding set that she has placed it in tatters. Literally. Now, I will most likely be making some sort of tug-o-war pull toy for Bug using the sheet. And, Jason and I will most likely continue the color debate until long after we are dead.

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