Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving and Other Things

So, this year, instead of only getting sick (which I did), I also fell multiple times. I added injury to insult. I'm resisting going to the doctor's though. Just too much to do! I only have a massive bruise on my shin, and a sore left side (entire), and my foot has puffed up like never before. I can hear my mom's voice from here, "Why are you so stubborn??? Nevermind, I know it's your dad's fault!"

On Black Friday, Jason and I got up early (I should say, Jason got up early then called to wake me up) and surfed the crowds at various stores. He went to Best Buy. (I got a cell phone finally!!) We both stood in line for 2 1/2 hours at Menard's. They always have good doorbuster sales there!

My friend, Kasey, came into town that night, and we spent a really nice weekend. Mostly just resting. :) She has pics of my house up! Check 'em out! And, she's right, we're not done!

Tonight, I helped the ladies at church decorate for the holidays. It was fun! I can never get enough decorating and my small house can only hold so much! (Can you hear Jason's screams of frustration with all the Christmas clutter??) At least this year, I'm not taking up valuable space with craft stuffs! Although, next year, I make no promises! Crafting most likely will start in about May. :^P

I have so much stuff to cram into this month before I leave for my parent's in North Carolina! I wish Jason could make the trip with me, but he recently got promoted and his company holds class on that week. Heathens!

I have to get my house ready for caroling. And, by caroling, I mean, a bunch of people are coming over and using my house as central station while they wander around my neighborhood caroling. I'm excited about that, although so very nervous about having my house clean enough. And, I just know I'll notice some dirt somewhere only after guests arrive! Isn't that always the way??

Then there's the Christmas parties. (First one on Wednesday!!) And the Christmas play at church. (Jason and Jay both have parts!) Packing and partying and insomnia, oh my!

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  1. I would like to point out that, given your schedule, it's just plain stupid NOT to make time to go to the doctor. How are you going to do all the things you need to without being able to stand for long periods or, say, wearing sandals in the snow? Seriously. It's not stubborn, it's foolish. And I say that with the utmost love.

    Plus, hello, courting possible blood clot. Don't mess with that sort of thing, woman!


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