Thursday, November 5, 2009


So, Jason's cousin is getting married this weekend. That means I need a dress, or at least a nice skirt outfit.

What frustrates me is sales clerks who care more about selling than the customer's needs.

I try not to buy ruffles. Why would they try to force me into a ruffled skirt? Or that dress that looks more like a grandmother's nightgown?

It doesn't help at all that I have lost enough weight to put me into apparently the most popular size! (Don't get me wrong, weight loss has been great! Just made it harder to find clothes that fit properly somehow.)

I settled on a plain black dress skirt and a gray top with (I actually don't know what those things are called) faux gemstones around the neck. It's nice, and I'm sure the uncomfortableness has more to do with my anxiety issues than the clothes themselves. I just wish I had had somebody other than Jason to shop with. He knows nothing about girl clothes. Blah! Why couldn't his cousin wait til next month to get married!?!


  1. I realize it's far too late now, but you can probably steal me whenever you like. Or you could, say, come up here and spend the night. We have stores here, too! You could probably even borrow some of my clothes, I'm guessing. I'm just sayin'. :)

    Because I presume the "next month" comment is because I'm going to be down there in a few weeks and we could shop then? Or did you mean Diana?


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