Monday, November 2, 2009

Dream 11/02/09

I was running away from some sort of zombie monster that was eating my friends, or at least the people who were running with me, in a school. One by one, my friends would disappear only to be discovered dead in some way (decapitated, maimed, gnawed on, etc.). At the end, when all that was left was me, I discovered I was the monster I was running from. I killed/maimed/ate my friends. Lovely.

And, to complete that experience, I awake to my friend's pics of a Zombie Walk.


  1. Heh--so sorry about that. :) Did you see the album I put up on Facebook?

  2. Yeah, I saw those first as I was checking my Mafia Wars racketeering endeavors. *G*

    Waiting patiently for the Halloween-themed dreams to end.


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