Monday, November 9, 2009


So, Jason's family is a different denomination than Jason and I. Jason grew up in theirs, of course, and according to them, I brainwashed him, the little heathen vixen I am. The weekend went just about how I thought it would go. Some judged me for not segregating myself from the males, some judged me for not having my hair properly done up, and some for the fact that I only dressed up for the wedding. Now, for Sunday service, I did wear a nice outfit, but since it is dress slacks instead of an actual dress or skirt, it is not dressy.

Other than that, the weekend was lovely! Lovely weather, and well, the weather is all I can really say I enjoyed. But I did enjoy it a LOT!

The hotel suite was suitable, until we pulled back the covers on our bed to reveal some previous room occupant's bodily fluid of some sort. Horrifying!

Jason forgot a dress shirt and I forgot my black dress shoes, so we went in search of them. They apparently do not have big and tall men in Iowa (at least in Dubuque) because several stores didn't have anything close to the size needed. I found a pair of shoes at WalMart, but they were painful after wearing them for more than twenty minutes, so I bought a different pair at Kohl's. The Kohl's pair were fine, until we got back to the hotel when we discovered that the bottoms were cheap. They looked like I had taped cardboard to the bottoms and then got them wet! Very disappointing! They will be going back ASAIC! (As Soon As I Can) Jason did finally find some shirts very decently priced at JC Penney's. ($17 a shirt for his size is rare!)

On Sunday, after service, Grandma's friend Warren drove us out to his farm (and I mean a real massive acre working farm, people!) and gave her some various frozen elk meats. (She gave us some; I plan to make swiss steak! Yum!) He has such a pretty farm house!! All real oak furniture and trim with a southwest decor. Lovely! (I'd have pics of the house and his great big 6-month-old rottweiler pup if my camera battery had been charged!)

Then we drove home for four and a half hours.

Then, Jason and I went to a Tenth Avenue North / Mercy Me concert. (Johnny Diaz opened.) Very fun!! I won a ticket to a Newsboys concert next Friday! (Can't wait!) I would have got autographs and chatted with the groups had Jason not started to feel poorly. Boo!

Which brings me to how I spent today. Jason had a very rough night last night! I won't go in to details, but general flu symptoms apply, all of the usuals. This morning, against my judgment, he went to work. Jay's school called at 8:30am to inform me he'd gotten sick as well. Jason ended up coming home from work early and I drove both of them to the ER. Turns out, it was a simple flu bug, but we have to keep an eye on Jay because he was complaining about sharp abdominal pains and a few other symptoms (blood work and scans) that possibly could be early signs of appendicitis. Scary! So, at the very least, he'll be missing school for the next few days. (School says he can't go back until he's 100% and the doctor says so.)

Because of their sickness, I had to wash all the bedding, but my dryer is notoriously slow on the drying of large things such as comforters and sleeping bags, so we had to go to WalMart to purchase new blankets. Luckily, I caught a good sale! I also bought some dietary stuff for their doctor-ordered BRAT diet. (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast) Blandtacular!

Hopefully, I will not catch whatever it is they have!

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