Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Took My Sister To The Doctor Today

First, we went to eat at Taco Bell. I should have opted for the cheesy potatoes instead of the nachos, but meh. It was a lovely day, and the AC inside was freezing, so we ate outside. Got to see an accident. The two vehicles involved drove away though, so I hope they stopped further up the road where we couldn't see, or the one who was hit took down a license plate or something. A young chick wasn't paying attention to the traffic and ran into the SUV in front of her. We got lunch with a show and it didn't cost extra.

Her neurologist is an interesting fellow. (Not often does a doctor say, "What the hell happened to you?") Maybe it's the specific field, but I had a neuro in Minneapolis that was just that odd. In my experience, they tend to make the best doctors. Although, he did kind of freak my sister out when he talked about the MRI. (She just had screws put in her face to reconstruct it.) If he wasn't part of the "Worst Hospital EVER" I probably would choose him as my doctor, too. Sad times, really.

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