Thursday, August 6, 2009


For the last week, I've been stress-cleaning my house.

My sister's husband, the guy who suffered the C1 neck fracture in the moose incident, is driving her to her doctor/therapy appointments.

I pray nothing happens to worsen their injuries. I don't think anyone in the family could take it, especially if it turned fatal.

However, I have no true pull other than voicing my concerns in the matter, as he is stubborn. He fits in the family quite nicely, actually.

Other than those concerns, my sister is healing nicely. She still has swelling around her eye and hand and it will take quite some months before her scars even start to fade. Luck was definitely on her side with this. (I say there was a Higher Power at work, but they're not open to that opinion right now. I've seen the pictures of the car, and they shouldn't be alive.) Therapist seems to think, if she takes things patiently and follows doctors orders, she should have full use of her hand (tendon repair) in 6-9 months. She goes in Friday to make sure she has no vision loss in her eye.

But, hey, my house is cleaner than normal, and my prayer life is super-extremely-up-to-date! Good times!

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