Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So Today

I discovered that The Geek Squad outsources to the diagnostic clinic.

Seriously, the tests were Friday and the doc still doesn't have the results?? Not that they were shining examples of organization anyway! Jason called them Wednesday to set up the tests on Friday, and they told him they wouldn't do an MRI until I had a pregnancy test (ha! shows what they know!) so we went in on Thursday evening to have that done. On Friday, they didn't even ask about that test, just went ahead and did the MRI. I suppose on the .00000001% chance I am preggers, I will have a good case against them. /sarcasm

They didn't even have me remove any possible metal. (They did seem a little concerned about the biomesh I received in October last and made me sign a waiver that said I wouldn't sue if the mesh ripped out of me in the machine. Comforting.) Didn't have to wear the gown-of-shame, didn't have to remove my wedding ring. I better not have to repeat this because of incompetence! (Star bursts are pretty! Not on MRIs!)

The contrast they injected into my hand caused swelling, which hasn't gone away yet. Maybe they're waiting for the swelling to decrease before they give me my test results? Or perhaps the doc has my results and is fighting with his colleagues as to who gets to write up the career-making paper about my never-before-seen genetic wonderment! Or arguing about who has to face my breakdown when they give me the life-altering news! Or are just avoiding me because I hyphenate too much? Inquiring minds, and all.

All in all, yet another example of freak occurrences being unable to resist my life.

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