Monday, August 31, 2009

Jason and Sombreros

So, I called Jason's family to set up a semi-surprise get-together, and the initial reaction was "We'll think about it." Typical Jason's family reaction. (I mean, the whole Labor Day non-housewarming because it is too far only to go to the other family function that was farther but they go to their denomination of church fiasco, which I'm clearly not harboring resentment or anything, stung.) However, Jason's brother went about putting them on guilt trips, so at the last moment, they changed their minds and showed. Provided me with a successfully full table, they did! I was pleased!

It was a complete surprise and bonus that they made him wear a sombrero while they sang a traditional Mexican celebratory song when they gave him his birthday flan:

I'm sure it would look less like camera phone pics if he'd not moved about so much while I was trying to take them. Stinking embarrassed birthday boy! (Click on them to see horrifyingly huge pictures in all their glory! You have been forewarned!)


  1. Yay, sombrero pics! I've been waiting for those. (If I remembered to check here more often, I probably wouldn't have had to).

  2. I barely made my own loose deadline as is. :^P

    He hates those pics, so of course, I posted them!


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