Friday, May 22, 2009

My trouble with blogging

I mean well. I truly do. But, the biggest problem I have with doing anything is the overwhelming issue I have with choice!

I ran into this issue when Jay (the now 13-yr-old) came into my life. I had to be the decision maker! (Yes my husband got to make them too.) And it affected a PERSON other than me! It's amazing I didn't have a break down right then.

Yes, I know, choosing to blog about stuff doesn't really have the potential for child neglect or endangerment that raising a child does. It still affects real people. Words matter, or so we're told.

Really, why should I worry about other people reading my thoughts and opinions? Don't I have conversations with people all the time in the real world? Isn't it a bit egocentric to think that anyone even cares what I think or why I think it? I mean, I suppose those who consider themselves my friends would: that's why they associate with me, I would hope. Unless they all really have some ulterior motive!! (Yeah, I should lay off the paranoia, it is not popular nor healthy.)

What it comes down to is: I have to actually make a choice about what to write about and then actually put my thoughts out in a legible manner. And, I admit, I do want to be e-popular. Not in the "poke your friends/family/others in the eye to get attention" way either! I want to say "here's the topic of discussion going around lately and what I think about it, now what do you say."

Also, I think if I use this blog as an exercise in writing, I just may overcome the block my brain seems to have when I wish to express my thoughts in a readable manner. Right now, I mainly have writing skills resembling a mental disorder. (My dad calls it "busy brain.")

Oh, look! Shinies!!

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