Thursday, May 28, 2009


My friends and family usually like to discuss movies that they've seen. When I'm in the room the conversation tends to get trickier because I am not the slave to Hollywood they would like me to be. (That sentence will infuriate some of them, I'm sure. *Wave*)

Friend/Family: "I really enjoyed her in Australia."
Me: "I haven't seen that."
Friend/Family: Loud sigh. "We'll have to rent that later."
Me: "I have it at home, just haven't had the time to watch it."
Friend/Family: Louder sigh.

Sunday, after going to the mall with my sister (and buying really cute sandals), we went to pick up a movie. She literally could have picked up most anything and it wouldn't have been seen by me.

Now, occasionally I do get to see movies before they have reached the equivalent of their expiration date. I did see "He's Just Not That Into You" before it left theaters. I've seen a few movies right after they were released to DVD, not that I could name one right now.

My sister and I settled on "Bride Wars," with Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, as neither of us had yet seen that one. It was cute! I couldn't help but think how much Kate Hudson is looking like her mother these days. Acting was fine, story line was good. It covered a wide range of topics involved with weddings and relationships. Generally, I liked it! I don't know if I'd buy it unless it hits the <$5 bin, but I could say that about all movies. *Grin* I can now have a discussion about this movie or at least be in the room when friends or family do without the excessive sighing that is the normal.

If any of you have any movie suggestions, I'm all ears!

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