Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Play

So, tonight (and also tomorrow morning) was the Christmas play at our church.

Jason played the main character's husband. He did well!!

Jay played in the drum corp and also a shepherd. He didn't tell me he needed sandals and so he was a poor shepherd who couldn't afford to shod himself. Sad.

The whole thing went without a hitch. Jason was worried he'd flub the same line he'd been flubbing in practices but he didn't. (The line: "Christmas would mean nothing without Jesus." The flub: "Without Christmas, Jesus means nothing." Making for a very frustrated director!)

I might be able to finagle pics or possibly a video segment or two for you all, but that depends on Jason.

Afterward, we invited his family (Dad, Step mom, and Grandma) and my sister's family to our house for dessert in a sort of after-play fellowship thing. And, to my surprise, they all came! I expected my sister to since we feel the same way about stuff like this, but as I've blogged before, Jason's family is holiday retarded! I was shocked, but pleased that I wasn't going to have massive amounts of snack foods left over! Pleased indeed!! Although, now I have to make something else to continue that dessert war I'm having with my neighbor! ;^P

Who knows? Maybe my constant griping about the continual let downs has gotten through. Here's hoping!

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