Monday, September 28, 2009

Mondays Are So Typical!

They shut our water off today. Accidentally, though. We paid the bill last week, but somebody didn't put it in the system and my day was ruined because of it. The worst part was we had to pay the reconnect fee anyway because there's an outstanding balance still. A-nnoy-ing! I contemplated going down to the water department to use their bathroom, but I didn't want to actually get dressed to do it. (I'm lazy like that.) Thankfully, the thyroid meds help keep my bathroom use to a minimum. Or maybe it's just that the dose isn't right and the lack of thyroid hormone is what I should be thanking. (Hmm, silver lining of having health issues. Fantastic!) Water is back on now, and I hope this isn't the precursor for a rotten week.

Speaking of which...

Tomorrow, I'll be spending the day trying to avoid the food Nazi in the surgical waiting room at the University of Chicago hospital. (They're scraping the scar tissue off my sister's hand so she'll be able to straighten her index finger, finally after two months.) They have vending machines in there. They have tables in there. But, you are NOT to eat or drink anywhere near the room or the Food Nazi will eat your soul, assuredly, but not in that room, obviously! Last time, I watched her fight with a mother trying to feed her baby. Unbelievable.

My sister hates this hospital and wishes more than anything she had gone somewhere else for her reconstruction. (That makes her sound like the Bionic Woman!) She calls it the "ghetto hospital."

So, I will be leaving home early enough to grab something from McDonald's or BK before I meet her.

I'll be spending the next couple weeks being her therapy chauffeur, too. (Don't think that I mind that. I am more than happy to be available when she needs me. Not like I have anything else to do. :^P Plus, I get to spend time with my sister!)

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