Saturday, September 26, 2009

Health and Other Things

So, the preliminary tests came back, finally, and my thyroid seems to have abandoned me, or at least it made it very clear it wants a vacation. They don't know why it decided to get all cranky and postal. (They suspect the steady stream of dental issues broke its will to live.) The ultrasound of it didn't show any "significant swelling" which I am hoping means no cancer, but I'm not real fond of the wording they chose. At the very least, I take a pill the rest of my life, which I am used to, so, meh.

I've been taking that thyroid pill now for 2 weeks and I am still experiencing the stuff that sent me to the doctor in the first place. They probably have to play with the dosage.

Last week, Jason was out of town. His company decided to give him a new position (one with an actual title) and sent him to Salt Lake City to train him for it. I survived being alone. House seems to have made it without any real problems, like exploding. My dreams seem to reflect my separation anxiety, but unlike last time, I didn't do any real life harm to myself. (Last time, I burned my EYEBALL with my CURLING IRON! Top that!)

According to my Chinese fortune cookie: there is big news in my near future. That could be anything with me. Hopefully it is good news. I could use more of that.

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